Roxie Howard
A work in progress

Belief is the cornerstone of living life well

 I believe in myself.  I believe in God.  I believe I am able to live life well in spite of my own human limitations.  Anyone expecting perfection has arrived at the wrong destination.  I am an imperfect delight.  I struggle with social gatherings and some personal relationships.  Remembering names and each of the unique things associated with others is a challenge for me.  I hope people will be kind and not take it personal if I do not remember something they have previously told me.  I do the best I am able. Thank you for your kindness.  Please believe in yourself and never allow any narrow-minded person steal your identity or to mold you into someone you are not. God would never want you to live a lie.  Please be yourself, love yourself and be kind to yourself.  

Grandma Roxie and Julia