Hate In His Name
By: Roxie Howard

In the world some continue to teach hate
And think they can justify it at heaven’s gate.
Those involved in this misguided fraud
Actually teach hate in the name of God.
Historically sacred text has been used to justify keeping slaves
And in God’s name they were abused, battered and sent to their graves.
“Demons,” exclaimed zealots of illnesses they did not understand
Isn’t religious prejudice grand?

Oh God’s tears must have fallen like rain
As he watched those the religious zealots maimed
How insulted to see they’ve used his name
To excuse themselves from moral blame.

Why can’t such hate ever end?
Why must it be still taught by men?
How many more will be harmed and killed?
How much more blood will the religious zealots spill?

The Angelic host of heaven are robed in black
In memory of those killed in each hate attack
Evil barbarians killing in God’s name
Thinking they are excused of moral blame.


Roxie's creative art talent is splashes across the pallet of life.  She dabbles in political art and political rhymes.  She enjoys photography,  editing photographs to create special and unique images.  She is just as comfortable as a balloon artist creating a 120 balloon hat for a parade.  She is one of 40 authors of the book Trans Forming Familes and sole author of the book The Brain God Gave Me.  She writes personal rhymes as she feels led.     

About the Artist and Writer

Roxie Howard 

Roxie with her granddaughter

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Roxie's excellent work, "God Loves Me and My Gender" can be found at the following link: 

God Loves Me and My Gender.pdf 

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