Roxie standing in front of the seven story high Christ of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs Arkansas

Roxie Howard 

At age eight, Roxie's mother had disciplined Roxie using a rather severe beating.  The next day at Church Roxie looked up at Jesus hanging on the cross and softly whispered to Jesus, "I see they hurt you too; let's be friends."  Roxie tells people, "Jesus and I have been friends ever sense."  

Other notable spiritual beliefs of Roxie include:

  • "I think the day I was born, Jesus, knowing the world is a sinful place that causes birth anomalies, told the host of heaven, 'something went wrong, assign that child extra angels.'"  

  • "Without knowing all of someone's DNA, RNA, and all of their GENOME makeup; plus every chemical and environmental factor the person was ever exposed to (along with any adverse reactions to those exposure combinations); and the same information about the person's parents -- it is just impossible to judge them, without being unfair.  Perhaps that is why the Bible cautions people to judge not.  We just don't have all the facts!" 

  • "My relationship with Jesus Christ is between me and God.   In the United States I have the freedom to believe and worship as I please; and, so do you.  My religious freedom does not give me the right to judge you (that's reserved for God) and my religious freedom does not give me the right to hurt you -- physically or emotionally."  

The eye-opening fun documentary film, The Gospel of Eureka, weaves together a gospel drag show, an outdoor play depicting the Passion of Christ and a love story.  Some suggest that society may not be ready for such a merging of Christianity and LGBT people; however, film interviews offer insight that such a mixture may just be completely natural.  You’ll want to bring a friend or two with you to see this film because afterwards there is so much to talk about.