Roxie standing in front of the seven story high Christ of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs Arkansas

At age eight, Roxie's mother had disciplined Roxie using a rather severe beating.  The next day at Church Roxie looked up at Jesus hanging on the cross and softly said to Jesus, "I see they hurt you too; let's be friends."  Roxie tells people, "Jesus and I have been friends ever sense."  

Other notable spiritual beliefs of Roxie include:

  • "I think the day I was born, Jesus, knowing the world is a sinful place that causes birth anomalies, told the host of heaven, 'something went wrong, assign that child extra angels.'"  

  • "Without knowing all of someone's DNA, all of their GNOME makeup, plus every chemical and environmental factor they have been exposed to, along with any adverse reactions to those exposure combinations; plus, the same information about their parents, it would be impossible to judge them, without being unfair.  Perhaps that is why the Bible cautions people to judge not." 

  • My relationship with Jesus Christ is between me and God.   In the United States I have the freedom to believe and worship as I please; and, so do you.  My religious freedom does not give me the right to judge you (that's reserved for God) and my religious freedom does not give me the right to hurt you -- physically or emotionally.  

Roxie Howard